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The Mandela Effect is the current event where millions of people correctly share a memory of something that is told to never happen, or happen differently. We do not think that this is a false memory.  This would include the fact that we remembered movie lines, music lyrics, bible verses, historic events and logo designs differently than how it is now.  The first reported memories included Nelson Mandela’s funeral in 1991, as he died in prison. However, Nelson Mandela was released from prison, and ran for President of his country. He did not die until December 5, 2013. Other early events include the stop lights changing sometime in the late 80's or early 90's replacing the green light at top with the red light at that top.  None of us could explain those unusual events. Around this same time we notice a change in the number of states in the United States. Though it dates back to the late 80's and early 90's some have reported changes as far back as the 1970s. Beyond this, The Mandela Effect (Named after Nelson Mandela) was created to explain any memory we have had that is said not to exist, or remembered differently. Most people in the tenths of thousands to millions remember simple things such as the spelling of words, spelling of companies, changes to TV shows, changes to songs and more. Though it was picked up in 2013 (changed by the Mandela Effect to 2009 now), most changed memories date back to the 1980s. Some main theories would suggest that we traveled (or came from) different parallel universes. This can be caused by time travel (which has been proven) or black holes (which has been proven). Other theories suggest the government is keeping us under a computer simulator or this could be caused by CERN. Time travel itself is another theory which explains the changes, and is one of the main theories. One thing we do know is that the Mandela Effect is real and it can not be a false memory. (see that theory below.)

We have many different theories, but we can break each one down, and take a look at which one is closer to the idea of what caused the Mandela Effect. We have only proven so far that "false memories" are not real as far as the Mandela Effect theory. 
This gives us an idea, based on current events, that Unique universal perception, Overlapping Realities, Parallel Universes, Alternate Realities can, and do exist. This would then cause an alter reality that is believed to be caused by the Parallel Universe, or multiple universes. 
Our next theories would suggest Alien Computer Simulation, or Computer simulation. Both of these theories are deleted by the fact that if you accept yourself in a simulation, and that this reality is not real, then that reality no longer exists. Reality is what we make it. We create reality with what we think, or day dream about. Our minds are like creation, and if minds accept reality as if it is not being real, we shall be free. What if we were not in a simulation, but the Government is using the simulation, so people can not see the Mandela effect, or accept it. Either way, a simulation is not a cause of the Mandela Effect. Things changed back. How would a simulation change it back, or be wrong about the detail? What would they achieve by twisting our thoughts? There has to be a game plan, yet there is none. 
Time Travel makes a lot of sense and goes with other theories such as Parallel Universes and Black holes. There are 3 main theories why time travel is not accepted. Most do not believe it exists. These people have a lack of knowing. Time travel has been proven to exist.  Even if it is not real in one universe, it is in another. We also can bring up that people on other planets have more detailed technology than us.  They would have created this. What makes it real is the evidence of change, The stories that have come true, and the fact we know it has been looked into and tested by our government since the 1980's. The other reason most do not believe in the time travel theory is based on the idea that we can not remember the changed events, and we can not create new timelines. However, is a new timeline not an altered reality, a parallel universe? What if time travel is not traveling in time itself but in universes. Time is more of an illusion, and the traveling is through the Universe that has (what we call) different time, dates, years and events. We would then remember the events. The theories of time travel were created before time travel. This means it can be wrong. How can we not remember an event? Basic Time travel theory. If I went back to 1963 to stop JFK from being Assassinated, most people born at that time may recall him being dead, and up to now (2021) have no memory of him doing anything, Being on T.V. or hearing of him. However, anyone born in 1964 and on, would have full memory of him being alive, and watching him on T.V., hearing what he is doing, and maybe even watching him run for President again. We would all have Separate memory's. 
CERN is another theory. CERN controls our weather. The Government can make any weather disaster they want. They poison our planet. None of that has anything to do with watching things change. Why is the theory thought of? They think our planet has already been destroyed by this poisoning, and disasters by weather and we shifted into another Parallel Universe. This is possible but HARP and CERN do not date back too far. HARP, The Hadron Production Experiment at the Proton Synchrotron was a physics experiment at CERN that took data from 2000 through 2002.  420 million events were recorded. It is said to date prior to 2000. Maybe around the 1980's. CERN dates back to 1954. That is not enough time to destroy the planet. Only in the theory that they did, and we shifted in another universe can prove CERN caused the Mandela Effect. However, their theory is that we shifted one universe which does not run current with the events we see. This would also follow the Universe Theory,  and not CERN. Other theories suggest CERN is testing radio waves (as we hear the ring in our ear) and are being brainwashed. Yet, People are saying this is being tested, and more recent. Changes date back to the 1980s.
Mind control has been used by the Government since the late 1980's. It is possible we could be brainwashed to accept the thought that either were wrong on changes or that we were seeing changes that are not there. However, again How does so many get brainwashed, or fall under the mind control so easily without records?
What if false memory is not the fact that we remember Loony Toons, and their saying it's always been Loony Tunes, and saying it's nothing more than a false memory, But the idea Loony Toons is still Loony Toons and never changed at all. The false memory is really just the fact we see everything different now when in reality it may have never changed at all.
Accidental side effects caused by CERN, Time Travel, and other events are all possible. Accidental Science experience, Government buildings projects, even Area 51 experience in the unknown. Anything caused by these places can by creating a side effect from something that went wrong.  However, to detail how side effects could cause changes, change events, and re-write history is not given by these theories. The ones that would make more sense since "with side effects theory" is time travel and the universe where mistakes may occur. There is one thing we can agree on, and that is the New World Order is behind it. If they made mistakes, and it caused some side effects,  that would explain a lot.
Alien's is another possible theory but we have very little information on it. They do exist, but how are they able to create the changes or convince us that changes happen? There has to be a reason to create a theory. 
Other theories think this is the current (or) already passed the Rapture, or Apocalypse. There is no basic theory to back that up nor does it make any sense to be a  theory. The only reason people think it is a religious theory is because of bible changes. However, that goes just as much with other theories. If Satan or Satanists were behind it, they can just make certain verses such as how to get to heaven disappear. Salvation thru Jesus is the only way to heaven. Would Satan just make that disappear so we would be lost? That would be more simple. Satan may be evil, but it is in no way related to the Mandela Effect. If the end occurred, looking at this in a religious way, we would be in either 2 places right now, and not be questioning this.   Satan, Brainwashing, and simulation makes more sense to confuse the non believers. (People who do not believe in the Mandela Effect). 

Other theories suggest in 2012 the world ended. This can be a theory that is correct. We shifted in a universe where people were alive and living. This world never ended in this new universe. This could explain why we were shifting universes. In any theory we all have to agree that we have a different Parallel Universe that we are in.

The Mandela effect actually can be proven. By now, I know most of us do believe in the Mandela effect, or have the belief that something phenomenon is going on. You would not be here otherwise. My point is we can not prove the false memory theory, yet we can disprove it. The Mandela Effect can not be dis proven.

A conspiracy theory is the theory of something they believe has happened differently than what we were told.  The Mandela effect is not a conspiracy. There is proof that change has occurred. What I find interesting is that I can come up with Mandela Effects that even the non believers can agree has changed.

Of course most people do not want to believe in the Mandela effect. I believe this is because most of them are too scared, don't want to believe in it, or don't understand it. They would then look for a reason to try and dismiss the theory. Do you know how hard it is to convince a pastor that his Bible has changed magically overnight? The truth would Scare some enough to want to find a reason to dismiss the theory, even when it lay right in front of them. We can see that too many effects have changed parts of our world. Most would be scared because Of  fear of world domination, government control, religious reasons, or just anything in general. Not wanting to believe it, does not make it go away, or not exist. I can choose to believe there's no air, that does not mean that the air doesn't exist. Most people just do not understand how the Mandela effect works. You cannot deny something that is currently going on that people can prove. No matter if it is black holes, time travel, or just a rip in our timeline, we can see that things are changing, and our memories that we have are real. This then would dismiss the false memory theory. 
If we would time travel to 1963 to stop the JFK assassination, we would no longer be on our time line, or in our universe. This is because JFK never died. He will not be in the history books due to his death. He may succeed in destroying the New World Order. Which would mean certain events of terrorism, war, 9/11, greedy presidents, and false flag terrorist attacks may never happen. I explained this because we would be on the new timeline. Which would mean we would be living in the new universe. You might think it's not a big deal that some companies are now misspelled, or changed their name, BUT what if you woke up one day, and you was living in the Universe where you had a different wife, and your kids no longer existed, than you might be curious than to what this is.   What if in this universe one of your enemies is locked away in jail, but you woke up in another universe where that person was not in jail, and that person came to Kill you.
All of a sudden, jumping into different parallel universes is not so much of a "who cares" as you thought.  In one theory we believe that we live in a universe, that we would call universe "A". Around Universe A there are a bunch of other universes created by time travel, black holes or other events. ( Universe B, Universe C, Universe D, and so on). Throughout time we have shifted from Universe to universe. The belief, in theory, is that we are no longer shifting from one universe to another universe, but that so many Universe's have been created, That so many parallel universes has came together as a bigger parallel universe, causing universe A, Universe B, universe C and universe D to all crash into each other creating a universe that they all exist together. Think about it, in current theory people believe we jumped from parallel universe "A" to parallel universe "B", Yet if this was caused by time travel, each new timeline would be a new universe. We can never jump to the same time line, or universe again and hold memories of what we did. Each time line and universe would be different. In theory, each time we shift, something would change again. One event will always alter time, making it to where we now live on an altered timeline. If we are, in theory, only jumping between 2 parallel universes, we would have to be time traveling, and doing the same thing each time to the detail. Not possible. each event that has changed would also all change back. Yet, we fail to see all of them change back. If we were only jumping between two universe's, then we would also see everything change back and not just one or two things. This encourages the theory that we are jumping to more than two universes evn puting time travel to the side. This could easily explain how we have many universe's hitting ours at once. 
In theory, we have jumped to different universes, and held the memory of the last universe, in which most memories were the same except a few that had changed. As time goes on, I do believe all these Parallel universes have crashed together creating a bigger universe that is holding more than 1 universe.

All Mandela Effects are subject to change, Change years, and Change history.  In some cases there may be more than 2 memories with some effects.  Each effect may not leave behind residue.  Everyone has their own memory, but in each universe different things occurred.  Some Mandela effects have shifted back, are half changers, or flip flops.  The following website has the ONLY full and complete list of Mandela Effects taking an account of each change that has occurred from 1980-2021. The list is on the following pages.

There are different types of Mandela effects:
01: Mandela Effect: (M.E.) The idea of the tenths of thousands to millions of people having the same memory of something that never happened, or happens differently than what they remembered. 
02) Residue: This is a Mandela Effect that left behind memory, and proof of the way we remembered it.  This is the only proof that the Mandela Effect is real. Most residue can be found on this website.
03) Double Mandela effect (D.M.E.): This is a Mandela effect that changed not only once but twice. For example if we see Curious George with a tail, and it changes to a Curious George with no tail, then changes again where George has two tails. (He does not have two tails. this is just a way to show you how it could be.) 
04) Mandela effect shifters (M.E.S.) This would be something that goes one way, but goes back to the other way that we remembered. A fine example would be The Flinstones spelled with one "t" , Then changing to The Flintstones spelled with two "T's",  than going back to The Flinstones spelled with one "t." This has been reported to have happened. 
05) Flip Flop: (F.F.) Most people give the definition to what we call a shifter. The cause of things going back and forth. A flip Flop would be the idea of 2 different parts:
5.1) having the memory of 1 thing and watching it change. Once it has changed back to your memory, you hold the new memory, and the first one is now the change. Example: I remember Loony Toons but it changes to Loony Tunes. Now it changes back to Loony Toons (now my memory was that it was always Tunes, and this Toons is wrong to me.)
5.2) One person remembered Toons and it changed to Tunes, whereas the 2nd person always remembered it as Tunes and Toons is wrong. We both are correct as it was our way and changed to the opposite. Each universe has a different memory.
06) Mandela effect half-changes (M.E.H.C.): The Mandela effect half Changers is the cause of a Mandela effect, but they're only charging halfway. For example: An official music video as well as a main video to the song has been known to change, but online lyrics do not say the same thing. Even the lyrics within the video have changed.   A fine example is the "1970 somethin" country song where the video version says:  "I was a kid when Elvis died and my mama tried" (which is the Mandela Effect) The online lyrics say it the correct way as "I was a kid when Elvis died and my mama cried."  Half changers will eventually turn into a Mandela Effect completely. This is what allows us to collect residue.
07) Mandela Effect Erased (M.E.E.)  Is the event where the Mandela Effect has changed an event so much, That the event no longer existed. This example would include Sinbad's movie Shazam which now never existed. This also would include Blake Shelton's country song  "Holes In the floor of heaven" which was now never done by him.

The Reason we all do not agree with these different Mandela Effects, or have the same memory can be caused by many different reasons.
1) I could have spent less time researching things in my last Universe, whereas in this  Universe I have spent more time studying things. If I spent less time in my last Universe studying something (as simple as the names of all Presidents), but I study it more in this universe, I would then assume what I am reading "The now" is correct. Even if it had changed.
2) Basic Time travel theory. If I went back to 1963 to stop JFK from being Assassinated, most people born at that time may recall him being dead, and up to now (2021) have no memory of him doing anything, Being on T.V. or hearing of him. However, anyone born in 1964 and on, would have full memory of him being alive, and watching him on T.V., hearing what he is doing, and maybe even watching him run for President again. We would all have Separate memory's. This is because the timeline was changed.
3) Because of the last listed, it is highly possible only half of us are affected while the others can hold the full memory.  Even if we all know about it, most of us could be brainwashed not to understand or accept the theory of change. Most of us can not comprehend most phenomenon events, or even begin to understand the theories of them.
4) What if we are all coming in at different times? Maybe this is why we hold better memories .  Instead of shifting between universe A and universe B, I believe we are jumping to other universes as well. It makes sense in the theory of "not everything changes back". There could be millions of universes just like ours with only one change. When the Mandela effect changes something, the history rewrites itself as it has always been the way it changed to. This means that websites, videos, movies, etc. will change to support the new change. For example, Looney Toons changed to Tunes but websites show why they have always been called Tunes, even though they never were prior to it's change.
5) Some of us, for religious reasons, do not want to understand any of the possibilities of anything that was not written in the good book. However, the planets were never spoken of, yet here they are.

Many claim that we have false memories, That we misunderstood , or misread things. They seem to have an example to explain why we mix our memory with simple solutions. In some cases, they had put a picture of Bugs Bunny at DisneyLand, and did a survey to see how many people would report Bugs Bunny was at DisneyLand (But he is not Disney own) They try to use this example to explain that our brains feed new thoughts to replace forgotten or lost thoughts.

This Of Course does not support false memory or adding / replacing thoughts in your mind. Almost every person who is not a Mandela effect supporter still supports a few memories which they can prove that at some point is a separate memory from what it is today.  One can not claim that something is false, and then support that same theory as the Mandela Effect. These deniers feel the need to accept some and claim that the rest are false memories. How does this truly work?

False memories would be a good theory if it was only one or two people with that memory. However, we are talking about tens of thousands to millions of people with that same memory.  How do Thousands to Millions of people have the exact same memory? The same detail, and never came in contact with each other to share this?  That would be like everybody waking up tomorrow having had the same dream. This is not possible. The problem is to claim that these are false Memories, One person would first have to come up with the idea of how we have these false memories. Most people can only think of a few reasons.

1)  I myself am currently in a dream, and you're all part of my imagination.

2  I am in a coma, and you're all part of my dream.

3)  We are being brainwashed, or forced to believe what they want us to.

4)  You're all part of my creation, or some creation created by me.

5) Our brains are damaged, and we're all getting these thoughts wrong.

Of course I can knock out the majority of these theories if not all of them.  If I was sleeping and you're a part of my dream, then eventually I would wake up.  if I was in a coma, and you would also be part of my dream, again, I would wake up, or die. Why would I dream about people that I don't know that exist? One must ask why would somebody go out of their way to brainwash us to make us think George had a tale if he did not. Why would someone  brainwash us to make us think something was spelled one way, in which it is spelled another way? What would someone gain by trying to confuse our memories when they could use that power for control. Moving on,  Knowing than that I am not God, and you are not my creation takes out that next theory. No one has yet created creation except for God. This only leaves us with one other theory. Our brains are damaged. Why would millions of brains crash at once, and give false memories? How did this occur? Who caused this to happen? How is it that no other memories are affected? If false memories exist then we would be forgetting every little detail. It would be like having Dementia.   As you can see none of these theories work for the false memory Theory.  

However, if one of these theories had to be correct, the only one that comes close to being near a false memory theory would be the fact that you're being brainwashed. If possible, and if somebody wanted to do it , somebody could brainwash us through TV, radio, the internet, or simply through your cell phone.  It is something the United States Government, Fake News Media, and the New World Order had done for decades. The new world order is even trying this theory with the Covid 19 virus vaccine. It is believed to have a small chip that can track us and brainwash us. Of course we would have to ask ourselves how tens to hundreds of people to millions of people we're all brainwashed at once, and have the same memory prior to the vaccine.  Nobody can figure this out. We would have to prove we were brainwashed, how we were brainwashed, and last, why we brainwash. I would also point out that since we have different memories we would have all had to be brainwashed from more than one person or more than one time.  Even as an example how we all remember the 51st and 52nd states being different names, would be the act of having too many different memories even though we all agree on the fact we had more than 50 states. (In the United States) Too much detail would go into brainwashing us. Why would 1 group of people remember Washington D.C. as the 51st state while another group would remember Jefferson state?  How then can we all be affected by brain washing?

There is no evidence to support us all being brainwashed at once. (As far as the Mandela Effect).  We do know that this does exist and has been done, but to every person at once? Someone would first have to support how we were brainwashed, why we were brainwashed, and how one would achieve any status for brainwashing us. In closing to this part, none of these theories support the False Memory theory. So, let us move on.

There is no evidence that the Mandela effect doesn't exist.  You cannot disprove the Mandela effect, nor can you disprove the Parallel Universe Theory, Black hole, or time travel. Scientists have already admitted that we do have many parallel universes and that they can connect to each other, and communicate. In 2019, we saw the black hole in the sky twice. This has never happened in history before. What is the main cause of a black hole? One would say, Going faster than the speed of light. What happens if you can do that? You will time travel. Each of these theories have been proven, and clearly go together.  Most of all conspiracy theories would also date Government time travel back to the 1980's. When did we first notice a few changes? The 1980's. Time travelers also have been making videos on YouTube, real or not, some things have happened just as they said they would. The future can always be changed, but our current history is just like they said it would be. To disprove the Mandela Effect, each of these theories must be dismissed. That can not be done. This now dismissed the false memories theory.

New theories also suggest that when we shift into another parallel universe that ourselves in Universe "A" shifts onto ourselves in Universe "B". This would explain why people forget things in their life. 2 actors in the sitcom "Friends" have no memory of ever doing the show. In universe A they did the show where in Universe B they never did the show. When the 2 universes came together both people in each universe came together. This would give you memories you had from both universes but make you forget what you no longer did in one universe. People also notice some events where they do background checks on their names and find out there are 3 people using their name but in each person, they had the same birth year, same address, same parents, and same detail life except that maybe one served in the U.S.M.C. and died, where the other was in Jail and this person did neither one. In this case they would have records, speak to people who confirm that, and have the details of that life yet never lived it.
In one case, many soldiers remember that this guy died, and later ran into his younger brother only to realize this guy was alive. The guy being spoken of never served yet had records, tags, and death certificate. The only difference between the two was that one was born March 8th and the other March 9. One served and one did not, yet the same person

What is the Mandela Effect?

Different types of Mandela Effects

Why do we all not see this, or Belief in the Mandela Effect?

This is not false memories

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